Get Your Favorite Warped Leading Lady’s Style

Although Warped Tour can be hotter than the guys on the tour, it sure doesn’t stop the ladies from wearing a killer outfit. I’ve put together some of my favorite styles from the fashionista’s of past and present Warped Tour.

Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall: Jenna is always rockin her skinny jeans, Band tshirts, Converse and a flannel. Such a simple look that looks so hardcore!

Katy Perry: Hard to belive that Katy Perry started on Warped. She was always known for rockin her heart shape sunglasses along with funky rompers. She combines trendy and retro so well

We Are The In Crowd Tay Jardine: Tay looks is comfy and laid back. Her stage outfits usually consist of a cut up tshirt along with vans and skinny jeans. Such an effortless look. She def loves her accessories.

Taylor Momsen: This Gossip Girl gone punk is known for her scandalis outfits from the tour. Usually with sky high heels and stockings with a corset. You can channel your innner Taylor out in about by wearing a longer dress.

Sierra Kusterbeck of Versa Emerge: Usually wearing shorts with her combat boots. An easy look that anyone can achieve at home. Her signature is def the aviator sunglasses.

Hayley Williams of Paramore: Hayley Williams is one of my favorite past fashionista’s of Warped Tour. This look from last years tour is one that i’ve been loving and trying to recreate. You can get the split black and white pants from Hot Topic.

Who is your ultimate Warped Fashionista icon?