Fashionista of Warped Tour: Kate Morgan

Happy Monday Buzznet! Can’t wait to be back on Warped this Wednesday, Let me know if i’ll be seeing you there.

So excited to bring you this weeks Fashionista of Warped Tour. Her name is Kate Morgan and she is the complete package of beauty, grace and style!

Gabbie:How would you describe your style?

Kate: To be honest I’ve gone through a bit of a transformation over the last year. I used to think I needed to fit into the “singer-songwriter box”. I wore a lot of long dresses, faded jeans, lots of jewelry etc etc. Lately I’ve been enjoying a more “girly” side of style, I love being the girl in a pretty a-line dress and hot pink pumps that comes out and shocks everyone with a Neil Young cover. There’s nothing better than hearing “whoa, she can actually play”.

Gabbie: Who are you most excited to see at Warped This Year?

Kate: Mayday Parade, Rise Against, All Time Low, Breathe Carolina

Gabbie: Is your on stage Fashionista the same as your off? What’s different between them?

Kate: They are definitely very similar, although I feel like I take more risks when I’m on stage. The staples are always the same though, bright lips, beachy curls, lots of color and pretty jewellery. The difference being on stage you’ll see me in a dress and pumps, off stage I’m probably in jeans and a t-shirt.

Gabbie: What can we expect from you at Warped?

Kate:Upbeat, chill, acoustic, songs about love. A place to come when you need some shade and a break from the crowds. I tell lots of stories… all you need to do to learn my life story is come to my set.

Gabbie: I think every girl should have at least ________ in their closet.

Kate:A few pairs of perfect jeans and a fun pair of heels!

Gabbie: I always forget to pack_____?

Kate: Tank tops.

Gabbie: What will your stage outfit look like this year?

Kate: It’ll be hot, so probably a summer dress of some sort, some pretty accessories and maybe a bit of leather or fringe… it is warped tour after all.

Gabbie: Can you tell us one fashion tip or secret for surviving Warped tour?

Kate:I think the key to surviving any music festival is dressing for the weather. I always do light jeans and a t-shirt. Then bring a sweater or jacket for the night time. I’m always cold, and there’s nothing worse than that.

Check out Kate Aug 4 and 5 at the Acoustic Basement stage!