Fashionista of Warped: JUSTINA!

It’s Monday which means another Fashionista of Warped is announced! This week we are getting to know Justina. She def knows how to rock anything she wears! I’am Obsessed with her style and want to raid her closet!

Gabbie: I always forget to Pack_____?

Justina: Sunscreen and Cocaine…lol.. Just sunscreen

Gabbie: Which Warped Fashionista do you admire style wise?

Justina: Don’t know yet! Gonna have to let you know after the tour!

Gabbie” Who are you most excited to see at Warped?

Justina: MGK

Gabbie: How would you describe your style?

Justina: Rocked out Hip Hop scandal

Gabbie: What can we expect from you at Warped?

Justina: High voltage engery, craziness and gallons of Sweat

Gabbie: My stage outfit for Warped will consist of____?

Justina: Little to no clothing and a lot of jewelry!

Gabbie The biggest misconception about being a Fashionista on Warped is?

Justina: Sometimes people think you need to fit in…. I like to Stand OUT!

Make Sure To Check Her Out July 13, 17-21 and 24. Def going to be a crazy performance!

xo Gabbie