Doll Hair.

Hi everyone,

What do you guys think of the haircuts in these photos? This doll-like hairstyle is a look that’s seen a boost in popularity in recent years, most notably in Japan. Just like the yaeba trend from a few months back, this hairstyle is part of a bigger trend of looking cute, youthful, girly, and innocent. The thick curls and sculpted bangs are incredibly doll-like, and what could be more youthful and girly than looking like a doll?

In my opinion, the cut is a little over-the-top for an everyday look, but it’s definitely an interesting trend to follow. If you’re interested in trying it out to see what you think, remember, you can always try a clip-on style first! Click here to check out the clip-on bangs that Daven made me a while back.

What do you think about the doll hair trend? Would you ever style your hair like this?