How to Dip-Dye Your Hair

One of the biggest trends this summer has been dip-dyed hair. Some people dip-dye there hair one simple color and others dip-dye there hair multiple colors, either way it looks super cute and very fashionable. You can get your hair dip-dyed at a salon or you can try to attempt it yourself. A Youtuber, Kalel Cullen, dip-dyes her hair herself many different colors all the time and it actually looks really good. Here is a picture of her rainbow dip-dyed hair she dyed herself.

You are probably wondering “How did she dye it herself and actually make it look good”? Kalel actually posted a Youtube video explaining and giving tips on how she dip-dyes her hair. In the video she suggests you use a Manic Panic dye like she did. She also tells you how to bleach your hair before starting. Kalel also gives tips on how to make the dye last longer and how to keep your hair healthy without damaging it. Kalel also posted a video on how to remove the Manic Panic dye incase you ever want to change the color or if you just want to get the color out of your hair. If you were to ever attempt dip-dying your hair I would suggest using this video to help because it seemed to work very well for Kalel. If you want to see more videos from Kalel Cullen subscribe to her Youtube channel Cozplaisensei. If you do use this video to dip-dye your hair, hope it turns out beautiful!