Day 197 – Remember The Day: Bill&Tom Kaulitz In Catania

Today it’s such an important day for me and also really sad.

Exactly two years ago I was in Catania, after such a long trip of 1,500km… I crossed the whole Italy just for to see my lovely angel and my brother in law. You already know that I would be anything for them and for the whole band too.

It’s been the further trip I’ve ever done just for to see someone I love.

You know, it’s hard since I don’t see my angel for two years, and definitely now I’m waiting for that day I will meet him again (and with him the whole band)… Doesn’t matter if I should travel for other 1,500 km… I would do it again and again.

When I met him and my brother in law has been the best moment of my life, I remember how Tom thanked me and how Bill looked at me and touched my hand.

Another great experience.

All the words couldn’t describe what means for me this day!

If you wanna check out the whole story, just click here, I already wrote it last year for the first anniversary!