Day 192 – Remember The Day: Tokio Hotel In Modena

This day deserves a little gallery.

Today it’s the 4th anniversary of my first Tokio Hotel concert ever.

I can say it’s been one of my favs with Rome one because it was the first one, because Bill saw my board before IN DIE NACHT and because I proved a lot of undescribable emotions being the first time that obviously were different than the ones I proved in the other TH’s experiences.

I was only 17 years old and half when I saw them.

A lot of stuff happened from that day. I changed a lot. I grow up.

But one thing remained: my love and dedition for the band.

There’s no a day I thought to leave them, there’s no a day I hate them for something, there’s no a day I offended or criticazed them.

They are my four angels. They saved my life.

I will be thankful to them forever!