Day 183 – Another Surprise From Buzznet

I had to write a blog. A simply post wasn’t enough for what I’m just to telling you, guys.

You know how much I love this wonderful place and how much I love to share with you tons of stuff, doesn’t matter if they are about me, my life, my concerts, my experiences and also my inspirations…

A few days ago, Rich said me that he’s going to send me something… but I really didn’t know what it could be… I thought about something about BUZZNET like pin bottons or something linked about the community… but seriously I didn’t have so much ideas…

I always loved surprises and I’m always glad when I recieve something from BUZZNET, the last time was an amazing tee and I’m so proud to wear it. I’m in this team for three years and I’m so glad about it!

But this time was something of unexpected.

This morning the postman knocked at my door and it has a tube in his hand, I was like: WTF? XD I was surprised since I didn’t expect nothing… I knew Rich had to send me something but I didn’t imagine it could arrive so soon…

I signed the deliver and first I thought it was a BUZZNET poster or something similar than I noticed the “Britney #1 Fan” written and I was like: awww Rich you are so sweet! But once again I didn’t link what kind of stuff I could find inside…

I opened it and first I took out a sheet of paper with a Britney pic about Baby One More Time music video with the written: “Oh Mimi Mimi you win a prize” and I was like: oh Lordy! This is so cuteeee!

On the back a little Rich’s letter where he thanked me for to be a part of this community and he was glad I was here and I blog tons of stuff and then he always think of me, Britney #1 fan when he sees something about Miss Queen B

I took out the gift and it was this awesome Femme Fatale poster

DAMN! It’s such perfect! I didn’t have it since in Zurich I couldn’t get it… I have Femme Fatale commercial board, but this is a special poster since it’s been sent only for me by Rich and by the best community ever: BUZZNET

I’m every day more proud and happy to be here and share with you anything and have found such amazing people and some true friends.

I really have a lot of fun here.

I couldn’t change BUZZNET with no other community.

Love you Rich,

Love you Buzznet,

Love y’all