claire @ warped tour, 2008 – present.

Now this is what I am talking about! Can’t wait to read about her day at this year’s festival.

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This is my 3rd year of Warped Tour. Because I’m excited, I’m going to do a quick “through the years” blog and be all cool even though this is only my third goddamn Warped Tour. I just need a moment.


age 15, summer before the 10th grade. please take in the braces, greasy hair, drawstring backpack, and brown/silver eyeliner combo. also, you can’t see the really lame graphic tshirt pattern of sushi saying “this is how we roll.” um okay bye.

place and date: milwaukee, wi/august 1st.

saw the following bands: mayday parade, the color fred, we the kings, motion city soundtrack, the audition, every avenue (electric & acoustic)

Mayday Parade

The Color Fred

We The Kings

Motion City Soundtrack

The Audition

Every Avenue (electric)

Every Avenue (acoustic)

I went with my sister. It was her first time too.

highlight: this was not only my first warped tour and my first festival, but my first CONCERT EVER. mother deemed age 15 the age when i could start doing these things. for a day full of firsts, i got the experience of being barricade for we the kings and meeting travis clark, which completely exceeded my 15 year old expectations.

Please observe how I have the creepy fangirl gaze into the distance, while he is so not into it. ahem. (ERMAHGERD HE DREW A SMILEY FACE IN MY CD!!1111!!)

not so awesome: i was FIFTEEN and oh my god if the picture doesn’t show you how awkward i was WELL THEN. i also VOLUNTARILY left at like 6pm because I “was tired and decided I had seen enough” um excuse me what.


Second time for me and sister, first time for my friend Katie. a grew up a lil’ and this picutre is fab.

place and date: milwaukee, wi/july 30th

saw the following bands: meg and dia, the white tie affair, all time low, TAT, alana grace, valencia, the maine. spent more time wandering around and had no specific plan.

Meg and Dia

The White Tie Affair


Alana Grace

Valencia (as I am trying to display by holding up my bracelet and pointing!)

The Maine (going on stage!)

highlights: there were QUITE A FEW!

So in a Christmas card from some family friends, it says “oh and (so and so) is working on this thing called the Warped Tour this summer and can get you in for free, if that’s something of interest.” Totally written like, Warped Tour, whatever THAT is. Not only were we in for free, but we were VIP! (That rhymed.) In an attempt to reciprocate, I baked this friend a loaf of banana bread and personally delivered it backstage.

My first BUZZNET meet up, ever! Um Rhianna is like Buzznet famous and I got to meet her because WE LIVE IN THE SAME STATE, YEAH! I also met Andi and Amber.


George Ciukurescu from Valencia

also, did you notice that the drawstring backpack returned~~~~~

JD Perry from Valencia

Alana Grace

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER DELICIOUS? I swear he was always famous to me. He was All Time Low’s merch guy, made famous by a video on Buzznet. Then he was Bayside’s merch guy. First I met Sierra K., and then she told me to go hang out with him SO I DID.

Sierra K.

John Ohhhhhhhh. (I don’t think I’ve ever spelled out his last name, ever). Oh and hey, the creepy fangirl gaze into the distance came back!

3/5 of The Maine

Maika from There For Tomorrow

not so awesome: it rained.

Looking back, I was SO SET on meeting people just to get a picture with them, and not just talk with them and hang out. That was lame. Also, I only got to go truly backstage on the Smartpunk stage, the one that was set up in the ampitheatre. All of the other stages, I could only stand in a little area below the stage since I didn’t know anyone in a band. Oh, and I couldn’t go backstage on the mainstage as well. Sigh.

I didn’t go to Warped Tour in 2010 and 2011 between logistical and financial reasons and all that so this this brings us to…..


place and date: noblesville, in/july 10th AND milwaukee, wi/august 1st.

i would like to see as many of these bands as i can: NEW FOUND GLORY, transit, man overboard, title fight, anthony raneri, bangups, fireworks, a loss for words, make do and mend, i call fives, tonight alive, yellowcard.

highlights: I am traveling to indiana to meet my friend ANN, who I originally met on Buzznet because we have such similar music taste. We’ve been friends for about 4 years and we’re about to meet for the first time in real life. This will be the first time I have ever gone to a music event where the person going with me is JUST as into it as I am, and not just someone I forced to come with me. it totally shows that my music tastes and interests have come around a bit since 2008 and 2009, and man, I am so stoked for the sweaty pits (not armpits amirite) and screaming the words – things I didn’t like before. i first went to warped tour the summer before 10th grade, and it is now the summer before my second year of college.

also, i am going to TWO WARPED TOURS.

That’s it! Prepare for an extensive blog, Warped Tour Part 1, in about a week! 😀