Is Christina Aguilera Bitter About Britney Spears Joining X-Factor?

This year alone we have seen Britney Spears and Mariah Carey become judges on hit shows! Britney recently joined X-Factor with Demi Lovato and are touring the country looking for people with the X-Factor. Just this week Mariah Carey joined the judges table at American Idol! I must say that I am super excited about Mariah becoming a judge one American Idol, she had a voice like no other! So what did Christina Aguilera have to say about these two new judges?

“Britney’s so talented. I mean she’s a pro. She’s been at it for a number of years now. We did grow up together. It’s actually cool that these strong women are joining the club and they’re gonna have fun… I just found out about [Mariah joining American Idol] last night, the news is fresh.”

Do you think with the success of Britney and Mariah on their new shows will fuel jealousy between all the judges or do you think Christina is actually excited about Britney and Mariah being her new competition?