Christian Bale Springs Surprise Visit To Aurora Shooting Victims

Last Friday’s The Dark Knight Rises midnight screenings around the nation were supposed to be a time of excitement, anticipation and fun times all around for Batman and movie buffs alike, with the latest and last Batman movie finally out. Unfortunately, the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO took out that fun and turned it into fear and horror, most especially to the victims that were injured or killed in the tragedy. One ray of sunshine? Batman himself, actor Christian Bale, showed up to surprise the victims in the hospital.

One hospitalized victim Carey Rottman posted the following picture with Christian by his bedside on his Facebook:

Apparently, out of the kindness of his heart and for his fans, Christian visited the Aurora shooting victims on his own and not for Warner Brothers, the studio affiliated with The Dark Knight Rises.

“Mr. Bale is there as himself, not representing Warner Brothers,” an assistant for Susan Fleishman, executive vice president for Warner Brothers corporate communications, tells the Denver Post.

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises yet? How do you feel about Christian Bale’s surprise visit?