Celebrity: A Retrospective On A Band That Inspired

Last night I was browsing through Spotify and I came across a band I absolutely loved in high school: Celebrity. I discovered Celebrity (Nashville, TN) from the movie Swimfan in the fall of 2004. Their song “Cave” was on the soundtrack and I remember how listening to it ignited something in me; whenever a band can do that for someone, it doesn’t matter how many records you’ve sold, you’re already a success. As I started to listen to their albums again for what seems like forever, I was reminded what I loved about them in the first place: their ambient sound and most of all, their raw honesty. High school wasn’t such a great time for me, and as I was listening to them again, I was brought back to all of those nights cooped up in my room, so upset about what was going on at the time, and just zoning out to their music and being able to relate to every word singer Lance Black was saying. Needless to say, I really miss this band so much. Also, if you’re wondering where I got that quote from on my banner, listen to their song “Hellbent.” 😉

Here’s a look at the history behind Celebrity. (Taken from their Purevolume page)

Celebrity’s story began in 2001 when Lance Black and brothers, Jesse and Matt Fine teamed up with producer Mark Nash to record their SLEEP EP. The release of SLEEP turned the heads of several major labels. After unseen promises, Celebrity teamed up with new guitar player Ryan Parrish (ex-Hopesfall) and signed a deal with the indie label Doghouse Records. In 2003, Doghouse released LOVESICK which, despite receiving great press, struggled to find the right audience. After endless touring, Celebrity came off the road tired and beaten up.

In late 2004, the band began writing songs for MINING FOR TWILIGHT. There were plenty of things to write about. Not only was the road grueling, but front man Lance Black’s personal life was rocky as well. During the recording of SLEEP, Black received news that his six-month old son was in need of a heart transplant. After many sleepless and worried nights, prayers were answered and the heart transplant was performed. With a new heart and a new smile, Black’s son was home. As years passed, doctors discovered the medicine saving him was also giving him cancer. Black’s son went on to win his bout with cancer, but during this struggle, the situation at home suffered. Songs of losing love and finding ones self during the process, naturally, came to the surface.

Through his lyrics, Black paints a brutally honest picture of his life during these difficult times. The music itself is equally honest, having been recorded live in the studio. Mining For Twilight launches you into space, and leaves you floating to ponder the meaning of lifes trials. In the end, it leaves the listener with hope that contentment can be found in any circumstance.

Sadly, Celebrity split in 2008 but they left us with the art that is their SLEEP EP (2002), their debut album Lovesick (2003), second album Mining For Twilight (2006), and their Celebrity EP. (2008)

Take a listen and fall in love as I did.

What bands do you miss?