BUZZNET Exclusive: Tonight Alive Win Over America On Warped Tour (VIDEO)

Tonight Alive have become one of our favorite bands to cover over the past year! The five piece pop/punk band from Sydney, Australia, made up of Jenna McDougall (vocals), Whakaio Taahi (lead guitar), Jake Hardy (guitar), Cam Adler (bass) and Matt Best (drums) — are talented, charming, and have made a splash on this summer’s Warped Tour pulling big crowds.

When we caught up with the band and found out what it’s like to be a girl on the tour, how American crowds are different from Aulstralian ones and what bands from Down Under they wish they could have brought along.

Take a look!

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Keep checking back for more of our Warped Tour coverage! #musicrules.

For more from Tonight Alive at Warped Tour check out this gallery of live shots here!

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