BUZZNET Exclusive: Mike Herrera On MXPX’s 20th Anniversary & Tour

MXPX are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band this year with a tour and a new albumPlans Within Plans.We caught up with front man Mike Herrera to discuss his thoughts on the commemorative tour and the long journey MXPX have been on.

On the anniversary tour Herrera says, “It was about all 20 years being reflected on that stage, that night. It never gets old.”

MXPXhave influenced countless bands over the past two decades and have managed to continue to satisfy their fans and themselves with their careers in the music industry. It might not have always been smooth sailing, but where many bands fall apart, MXPX has continued to tour, make records and have reached milestones any relationship would be proud of.

Take a look at what else he shared with us.

Your twenty year anniversary is coming up; with that much experience what advice would you give to a newer band looking to make a lasting impact?

Always be moving forward, learning something new. I often find myself trying new marketing ideas using social media. Sometimes it really clicks and the rest end up in the social media profile graveyard, which is a sort of nether region of the Internet where forgotten web archives go to wait. You guys have been together for a long time, what has been your proudest moment as a band? There’s been many but I always feel like the immediate and recent is always the best. So, right now for me the proudest moment was just this last Saturday night, June 30 in West Hollywood, CA. We played a sold-out show to an amazing audience and everything about the show was a proud moment. It was about all 20 years being reflected on that stage, that night. It never gets old.

You can check out this video the band posted today disussing the milestone.

You guys started so young, do you feel as though your fans have grown with you or have you kept a young fan base? We have new and old, young and grown up fans. I think the majority are fans that have grown up with us and have passed from teen to adulthood. In some cases single to married with children, a mortgage and a full-time career. What made you decide on the title Plans Within Plans for your newest album? So much planning goes into everything we do it seems like I’m planning more than doing what I was actually planning. Plans within plans… What is the experience of performing acoustic shows like for you, like you did for the warped tour acoustic dates? Usually the solo shows are great and validating and sometimes scary and awkward. I feel like I’m always getting better all the time. Warped Tour this year was great! I got to hang with a bunch of old and new friends and the Acoustic Basement Stage was a great addition to the tour!

What do you think it takes to make a band last 20 years?