BUZZNET Exclusive: June Divided On Their New Album ‘Backbone’

Check out our Buzznet Exclusive interview with June Divded discussing their brand new album Backbone, which dropped today! Backbone is the Philadelphia based rock bands follow up to their 2011 release The Other Side of You.

With their powerful sound and kickass frontwomen, June Divided, Melissa Menago (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Kissel (Guitar), Keith Gill (Drums) and Lenny Sasso (Bass) — will rock your socks off. Read below for the inside scoop on what influenced the album and the bands favorite songs, and be sure to buy the album on iTunes!

Backbone is a very bold album in terms of technical traits and subject matter; would you say that this style is the type of music you guys will be making in the future, or was it more of an experiment?

This was definitely us to the core. It was hinted at on the EP, but we were able to explore our sound much more in depth, being a year and a half older. There’s always going to be some experimenting whenever we write new material- maybe we’ll experiment even more on future material. But the overall traits and subject matter on this album was definitely who we are.

What was the songwriting process for Backbone like? Was there anything in particular that influenced you?

There was a lot that influenced us- there always is. The songwriting process is interesting. One of us always starts something cool to expand on, and everyone else contributes. We definitely took the liberty to step outside of the box with a lot of the material. One constant is the conceptual art behind a song.

Which Backbone song is your favorite?

Melissa: “The Way We Started Out”. Some of the inspiration behind that song came from quite a few of my all time favorite bands, so it’s like a nod to those who’ve inspired me.

Chris: “Skin and Bones”. It’s our “heavy” song. There’s a lot of emotional and musical dynamics that I think make the song really fun to listen to and play.

Keith: Waves. It’s challenging because it’s the most technical song on the record. I like the challenge.

Lenny: Reset. The groove is really cool. The vibe is really different for us and I love it.

What do you think of the new album?