Buzznet Exclusive: Interview with Music Saves Lives

I caught up with Jared from Music Saves Lives, a nonprofit that has been on The Vans Warped Tour for the past 7 years. They are known for giving out Backstage passes for donating blood. They also will be having band signings in their tent.

Gabbie: What do you guys do on Warped Tour?

Jared: We run blood drives about a month before the date and if you come out and donate we give you a free backstage pass. It’s a lot better than getting a tshirt.

Gabbie: How much blood has been donated this year?

Jared: Last year we collected about 80,000. This year we are hoping to increase up to 100,000.

Gabbie: Where can people come find you?

Jared: We are in the nonprofit section. You can follow our twitter to find out where we are setup during the day.

Gabbie: Where can we come find you next?

Jared. Mayhem, Identity festival and hopefully well be at FYF festival in L.A. We are also doing stuff at Sundance

Gabbie: What has been your favorite Warped memory?

Jared: I remember when i was out on the tour in 2007 with my band and metal mike came out and he was butt naked and it was hilarious .

Hit up their booth all summer long and make sure you guys donate some blood. You could be chillen backstage at this years fest!