What Big Secret Is Kat Dennings Keeping?

Aside from her rather informative Kickstarter video, we haven’t seen too much of Kat Dennings as of late. Perhaps the 2 Broke Girls actress is keeping a low profile because of a certain secret she’s keeping? The 2 Broke Girls actress may play an outspoken waitress on the hit CBS show, but in real-life, Kat keeps mum about many things – including one MAJOR bit of information people are dying to know about… and no, it’s not about her and boyfriend co-star Nick Zano!

So what’s the big secret Kat’s been keeping?

Apparently when asked by Blip Gold Derby web show if she’s going to be reprising her role in Thor 2, Kat responded: “I do know the answer to that, [however] I do not have the clearance to talk… interpret that as you will. … I’ve asked when I can say things, but apparently I can’t yet, so that will come soon.”

Looks like Kat will be keeping this secret for a while bit longer! Thor 2 is set to go into production soon and only time will tell if Kat will be reprising her Thor character Darcy Lewis.

Do you think Kat will be in Thor 2 or not? Would you still watch Thor is Kat wasn’t in it?