All The Right Moves Premieres Tonight

I’m pretty pumped about the new Oxygen reality series based on Travis Wall + his dance company. It’s been really interesting to watch the continuation of how big dance and dancers have become in our culture. This show is a step away from what I did as a professional, but really close to my favorite kind of heartbreaking, soul changing dance hobbies, contemporary. I can remember dancing with Albie (who actually appears in this show!) for hours in Las Vegas when my heart was broken. There was always just something about sweating it out in the studio that somehow made my heart feel better. I can imagine how much hard work and drama will be shown inside Shaping Sound, and I’m excited to watch some of my friends on tv! I really hope that where some other “dance reality shows” try to pull out the crazy, that somehow Oxygen and Travis are able to give us an honest look at what the professional dance world is like, there is enough drama and heartbreak for 10 reality shows!

Where are my dancers at? Will you guys be tuning in?

Watch All The Right Moves on Oxygen at 9/8c