5 Ways To Shine At Work This Week!

Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. I know that I constantly look for motivation on Mondays. Here are five quick tips to help this week run smoothly and successfully. Enjoy!

Go out of your way to stay organized. Every night before you leave the office try to keep your inbox down to 15 emails. Clear the clutter and spam.

Prioritize Your Day. Try to avoid diving into the workday with no plan of attack. Make a list of the priorities for the day. Try to plan what tasks you will accomplish in the morning vs. afternoon.

Don’t Let Email Suck Up Your Time. Try to avoid spending all day instantly replying to everyone’s emails. Assign a few hours per day as “email hours” but otherwise try to focus on your to-do list to make sure you’re getting things done.

Compliment Your Boss and Co-workers. What goes around comes around. Compliment your boss and/or co-workers on something they’ve done a great job at. This compliment will help keep your environment stay positive and healthy.

Be Honest About Your Progress. If you are struggling with an assignment or about to miss a deadline, let your project manager or boss know. If you don’t keep people in the loop, they are left to find out things didn’t get done on their own. Make sure you manage expectations and stay honest about your progress.