10 Reasons Why We Love Yo-Landi Vi$$er

Pop music has been taken over by females that fall under the category of “weird”. FromLady Gagaand her wearable meat, toNicki Minaj‘s mainstreaming of her multiple alter egos. However none of these ladies have anything onYo-Landi Vi$$erwhen it comes to being unique and that is why we love her!

InDie-AntwoordYo-landi combines the theatrical aspect of performance and “zef” style to the “next level“, making herself the only female rapper to bring South African rap culture to the mainstream. Yo-Landi is as original as they come and totally rocks the badass girl image. While Yo-Landi keeps a low profile about her personal life, here are ten things you probably don’t know about the rap star!

Take a look at 10 reasons why we love Yo-Landi Vi$$er!

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