How To Wear: Printed Pants

There are a lot of clothing items that are easy to wear. Jeans for example. Pretty much anyone can pull those off. T-shirts are the great equalizer. Most jackets. Even maxi dresses are only SORT OF hard to do. Printed pants however, are definitely up there on the difficulty scale. But only because they have a lot going on in a place you’re not used to seeing a lot going on, your legs, and because it’s easy to fall into matchy-matchy traps or pattern-clash pitfalls. DO NOT WORRY. I have your back. Here is an easy-peasy guide to styling printed pants (and you SHOULD wear them, because they are fresh and cute and lovely and fun):

1.Top: It’s best to pair printed pants with a plain, solid colored top, preferable in white or black. A tank or a tee works, and as printed pants are generally cutest when slouchy, make sure your top is fitted.

2. Shoes: This type of bottom definitely works best with a sandal, be it flat or wedge. (I prefer a wedge because that added height elongates you where the print can sometimes make you look a wee bit stubbier than normal).

3. Jacket: You can sort of play around with jackets here, but a classic look is a cropped, crisp jean jacket. A longer, solid colored blazer works (perhaps navy or beige, depending on the colorway of the pant).

And that’s it! Easy right?

Now click through the gallery and get shopping! I gathered 18 pairs of the cutest printed pants out there, and no you have no excuse but to buy and wear them. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.


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