Hat-ta Girl! Summer Hats For All!

Oh hats. You are soooooooo tricky. I love you, and I want to wear you, but to be honest, you scare me a little. Just like the great lion in the wild who is beautiful and majestic yet might eat me, you are awesome and stylish, yet might make me look very silly. However, I did some research, and with counseling and the help of my shaman, I am overcoming my fear of headwear.

Here are some super cute hats I found during my exploratory research. They are in order of difficulty to wear, with giant floppy hats being the easiest (everyone automatically becomes 10% more like Brigitte Bardot in them) to the weird hats (i.e leather visors which are SO COOL but also take some guts).

Click through the gallery and comment on which hats you think would look best on you, and how you would style your hair in them.

(Personally I think hair down loose looks best with most hats, but a nice fishtail braid can also be a good time, especially with a baseball cap).


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