Why Your Favourite Welsh Bands Need YOU To #SaveLePub

The likes of Kids In Glass Houses, Skindred and Save Your Breath have taken to Twitter over a shared cause – the potential closure of Newport’s live music bar Le Pub which is up for sale. Although the hashtag #SaveLePub has been hovering around Twitter since Thursday when the news first broke, it is yet to trend outside of Wales which is why these bands, South Wales music fans and the venue all need YOU to get tweeting and raise awareness.

“But I don’t live in South Wales, why is this relevant to me?”

Perhaps it isn’t but there’s still a reason why you should get involved. It doesn’t matter if you live in the same town or a different country (I fall in the latter), if Le Pub was your pub, you’d want to see it saved. Think of your favourite venue and the memories, mistakes and friends you’ve made there. Think of your favourite restaurant, shop, club, park, street corner, whatever. Now think of them being sold. You’d have your hashtag on copy and paste, wouldn’t you? So why not try the same for somewhere you might have never been, and maybe never will?

“I’m not sold yet, give me some gratuitous band guy photos and tweets then I’ll think about it”

Fine. You’re probably more likely to listen to Welsh rock stars than some English blogger anyway.

Aled Phillips loves Le Pub so much he even owns their merchandise. He’s been there, bought the t-shirt and even instagrammed the photographic proof. The Kids In Glass Houses lead vocalist also tweeted to say he was “Devastated to hear about @lepub. I hope someone with the right intentions can come in and preserve it. Best venue. ‪#savelepub.”

Save Your Breath, who share the same hometown as Le Pub, tweeted (both individually and collectively) to express their love of the venue and their sadness of its potential closure.

Skindred guitarist @Mikeydemus tweeted too, nostalgically, remembering Skindred’s live debut as well as the time he and his bassist bandmate Daniel Pugsley spent working there.

According to BBC Wales, other artists to embrace the hashtag ‘#savelepub’ have included Lilygreen And Maguire, Man Of The Hour, Stars And Flights, The Boy Royals, The Guns, Beasts and Jamie Allen (formerly of Douglas) who tweeted “Can’t believe the news about @Lepub. Really hope someone comes through and saves what is a venue. Had the best nights there.. ‪#savelepub.”

Before you go to tweet and spread the news too, you can watch Kids In Glass Houses’ 2008 ‘Fisticuffs’ video below complete with Le Pub mise-en-scene (get that for an anglicised French sentence).

Le Pub is for lovers, not fighters but if you love Le Pub, you will fight for it.


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