Which Alternative Rock Band Singer Is Writing With The Wanted?

One alternative rock band frontman has been spotted in the studio with UK boyband The Wanted but who could it be? If your first guess was Boys Like GirlsMartin Johnson, who has worked as a songwriter for various pop acts including Big Time Rush, Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton, you’re WRONG. If your second guess was Fall Out Boy‘s Patrick Stump who’s worked with almost everyone (it’s true), you’re WRONG again. If your third guess was The Cab‘s Alexander DeLeon, you’re right – give yourself a pat on the back.

The self-described “singer/songwriter/pirate” considers the boyband to be “some of [his] best friends” and claims that they’ve written “one of the best songs” of his career together. Interesting.

You can read their tweets straight from the studio below:

If that’s not quite enough info for you, here’s photographic proof from Alexander DeLeon’s instagram account (accompanied with the caption “me at my happiest. studio with some of my best friends” – bless).

What do you think of this collab news?