Weekend Warriors: Mount Up!

Haaaaaay Bunnies!

So remember how we did that one thing that one time and then we didn’t do it again because of reasons? Well guess what? We are doing it again!

I suppose it would be helpful to tell you all what we’ve got going on this weekend, shouldn’t I?

This weekend, we shall be giving you the chance to earn these cool little buddies for whatever section you want to try and earn them for:

Whenever you post anything this weekend, make sure you use the tags “popculture, fashion, music, and/or photos.” Every post you make counts towards earning one of these snazzy badges you can display, for all the world to see.

This is only for the weekends. We will keep doing this so if you don’t get one this weekend, you’ll get one in the future, mayhaps. That’s it! Easy peasy, right? Are you ready? Go forth and do things!

Have a good weekend, Buzznet!