WATCH: Jessi Jae Joplin & The Ruckus LIVE @ AMPLYFi May 2012

Check out this awesome VIDEO footage from my band, The Ruckus’, most recent show at AMPLYFi below. We always have such a blast performing and rockin‘ out on stage…which I’m sure is very apparent from my crazy high energy levels! It’s such a rush letting off steam on stage (especially when most of my songs are about relationships and breakups). You can even see a cameo from my BFF Bebe Zeva in the audience (stay tuned for more videos of her dancing on stage with me while performing The Thrill…it was amazing)! And while you’re at it, click HERE to check out all the awesome photos from the event, including including Lola Blanc, Kerli, Travis McFarland (The Professional Photographer), Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics and Hannah Lux Davis.