My Warped Tour Memories: 02′ & Beyond

Been going to Warped Tour for 10 years now. I have not been every year, but as many times as I possible. Here are some of my best memories from attending Warped Tour as a teen and beyond!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Warped Tour?”

I think of being 15, summer, Chris Cardin and New Found Glory.

What is your most memorable moment from going to a show?

My most memorable was from 2003 Warped Tour on Randall’s Island in New York. I missed the Warped date in Massachusetts, so I roped in a family trip up to NYC. MY brother and I went to Warped and immediately parted ways when we got to the grounds (unbeknownst to our partners). I saw Brand New, The Used and Taking Back Sunday — all in one day. The best moment was when I realized the pass my sister’s neighbor had gotten us would grant us access backstage. As soon as TBS’ set was done we went backstage and I spotted Adam Lazzara. I was 16 and was incredibly nervous. I didn’t have anything on me but a subway map so I asked him to sign it. I stood there without speaking as he not only signed the map but also circled where he gets off on the train. LOL. He was so nice and I can’t wait to interview them at this year’s festival. Weird how life goes in a circle.

Suggestions on how to survive a day at The Warped Tour?

Well sunscreen and water are two things you NEED to stock up on. I would also recommend not stressing about seeing all the bands. Make a list with your buds of which bands you want to see and that way you will have time for breaks. Also, find some shade — the heat can be overwhelming. Oh and wear sneakers, leave the flip-flops at home.

A favorite band you’ve seen while at a show?

I’d say seeing Paramore last year was a big one. I had a photo pass and was in the pit for only one song of the set but took over 500 photos. I have never been that close to Hayley Williams while she was singing. She was so powerful and I admire her to no end. Was another great Warped moment for me.

Craziest thing you’ve seen while at the Warped Tour?

Last year I saw someone in a wheelchair crowd surfing during Less Than Jake’s set. That was pretty insane.

Any band’s your excited to see this year?

Any? Yes many! I am anxious for Taking Back Sunday, The Used, New Found Glory, and All Time Low. I have never seen ATL or Yellowcard before so, looking forward to those sets. Also, anxious to see Tonight Alive. I have been following them for about two years now and I am so happy they got a spot on Warped. Well deserved.

Excited to make more memories this year!

Hope to read about your experiences this year in this collab gallery! #musicrules.