Warped Tour Diaries: Las Vegas Edition

Warped Tour is a place that i have dreamed of being a part of since i was little! Something about being surrounded by music and fashion warms my heart! I think the best part about it is, you almost always leave with a new friend!

So Buzznet sent me out to cover the Las Vegas stop of Warped Tour and I hope you’re all enjoying the interviews! I wanted to share a little Tour Diary with you guys about my fun-filled day! I always get asked to talk/blog about a day in life of me when i’m doing press, and i thought Warped was a perfect fit!

My day started off at 8 am with some research and of course 3 bottles of water. The high was 106 and Kevin Lyman ended up pushing back the start time because of the heat. So i knew i was in for a challenging day!

Warped tour officially started at 1pm and my first interview was 30 minutes later. The funny part about doing press is, You never know who you’re going to interview. So i was a little speechless when they asked if i could interview All Time Low (As you can tell by the smile plastered on my face)

Sometimes you don’t always get a room backstage complete with couches and air conditioning. My area was filled with dog poop, and water tanks that dubbed as chairs. So you have to make due with what you have and make sure it’s the best interview ever. And i loved ever second of it A lot of the bands even joked about it!

My favorite interview of the day went to Mod Sun. Sometimes you just have those interviews where you click with the artist and this was def the interview. We chatted about my favorite Tv Show friends and you could just tell he was high on life, living the dream.

I also really enjoyed chatting with Levi Benton of Miss May I, The Used ( Which i chatted with on an air conditioned bus #Thankthelord) and Tmills. But i think what really made my heart fill wth joy was interviewing the bands/musicans who are just starting in the industry. They really have a passion and they just glow when you talk to them.(Thanks Logan From BamfMedia for the pic)

Interviews ended about 6:45 and i ended up heading to the main stages to catch some live music! Singing Ocean Avenue in the pit with 10,000 fans was a moment i’ll never forget!

After that i caught a little of Pierce the Veils, Matt Toka, and All Time Low. All while enjoying a super big Snow Cone of course

I had a MAJOR day of work and play and would redo it if i could! Can’t wait to catch another show soon.

TIP: When covering big events like Warped, always make sure to have a big memory card, Tons of batteries and of course do your research. You’ll never know who you talk to 🙂



(Lots of love to Buzznet and Bethany)