Warped Tour 2012 Stage Guide

Warped Tour can be a fun filled day with music, friends and meeting your favorite musicians. The difficult part is having so much to do and cramming it all into one day. I decided to try and break some of my top three recommendations down for by stage. Now you will not the time each band will play until you arrive at the festival grounds, but it’s always good to make a little plan before you arrive. Of course these are only my recommendations so feel free to comment and tell me who your favorite acts are.

Don’t forget to tell us all about your day at Warped in this collaboration gallery! And for a little throw back, here is TBS at 2003’s Warped Tour. #musicrules.

Kia Rio Stage/Kia Soul Stage

Taking Back Sunday

All Time Low

New Found Glory

The Used


We The Kings

Monster Energy Stage

You Me At Six

Mayday Parade

Sleeping With Sirens

Tilly’s Stage


I Am The Avalanche

Man Overboard

House of Marley Stage

T. Mills


The Constellations

Ernie Ball Stage



Chunk! No Captain Chuck!

Kevin Says Stage

Matt Toka

Tonight Alive

Make Do And Mend

Acoustic Basement

Anthony Reiner

Vinnie Caruana

Kristopher Roe

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Who are YOU going to see at Warped Tour no matter what?!