Warped Tour 2012 Badge Signed T-Shirt Giveaway

Hey duders!Warped Tour is in full swing and we are having a blast looking at all of your amazing concert photography from your days out in the field. I had a lovely time at the Irvine, Pomona and Ventura dates and am stoked to get all these interviews up for you guys to watch and enjoy. We have many to share!

I am a bit sad y’all are not sharing about your days with us in thecollaboration gallery. I was hoping to read about how your days went and whatcool stuff you saw. Sad Scoggs.

Anyway, please consider sharing. Also, it’s a great way towards earning your Warped Tour 2012 Badge! Speaking of Warped Tour 2012 Badge…. we have a very cool announcement that Jack Barakat is excited about it.

As I have already mentioned we did lots of interviews at Warped; All Time Low, Breathe Carolina, Of Mice & Men — and many more. After each interview we had them all sign a Buzznet t-shirt and we want one of you to have it! See photo below:

We have:

All Time Low,New Found Glory,Breathe Carolina,Of Mice & Men,Transit,Every Time I Die,G Easy,Tonight Alive,Sleeping With Sirens,Travis Clark,We Are The In Crowd,Falling In ReverseandThe Used. Yeah, it’s a pretty good shirt.

So here is how it breaks down. First get the badge (click here for details) and then we will selectone winnerat the end of the summer to win the t-shirt. You don’t have to go to Warped to win, anything you post about warped will do the trick. Blog about your dream line up, make a playlist, tell us what your perfect day at Warped would be like — whatever! Just make sure you tag it with the tag ‘warped’. Easy peasy!

So let’s get going and earn some badges! Yay, #musicrules.