Walk The Moon Album Premiere…In Videos?

Walk The Moon are getting ready to release their much anticipated self-titled album this Tuesday, June 19. We know you’re all dying to hear this album so with the help of VEVO, Walk The Moon has hand-made seven music videos in seven days so that they can bring you “7in7.”

7in7” is basically a series of officially unofficial music and lyric videos made by Walk The Moon without a film crew or budget. Ahhh, the power of technology.

So without further ado, here is the world premiere of Walk The Moon…in videos. (I just channeled Carson Daly with that one. Feels right :D)


“Lisa Baby” (Previously released…not part of 7in7)

“Next In Line”

“Anna Sun” (Previously released…not part of 7in7)



“Shiver Shiver”



“I Can Lift A Car”

Will you be buying Walk The Moon’s album on Tuesday? Leave me your thoughts on the album!