Trace Cyrus And Brenda Song Split!

When it was announced that Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song were expecting a child last year, we’re not going to lie: we were quite surprised! We didn’t realize that the two were even together, but nonetheless were happy for the couple. From their strange pregnancy news to news of their engagement last October, it seemed like the duo were in it for the long haul! Now, just a few days after news of his sister Miley Cyrus‘ engagement broke, Trace and Brenda have called it quits. Say what?!

On Monday June 11th, former Metro Station frontman Trace released a statement regarding his split with the former Disney actress, saying:

“Brenda and I have decided to go our separate ways. We split up a couple of months ago. We will continue to focus on our careers. I wish Brenda the best and much success in the future. I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation. Thanks so much”

What do you think about Trace and Brenda’s split: are you surprised about the news?