Thoughts On Katy Perry’s New Video For ‘Wide Awake’?

It’s without a doubt Katy Perry has gone through quite the insanity this year alone, with her divorce from husband Russell Brand to being the target of the tabloids to criticism on her career choices, like with her last music video for “Part of Me.” A lot has happened in the crazy life of 27-year-old Katy, who is wrapping up the remains of her 2010 hit album Teenage Dream with her latest disc Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and culminating with her upcoming 3D movie Part of Me.

Katy just released the video for her current single “Wide Awake” on the evening of June 18th. Differing from her previous singles in many ways, “Wide Awake” has a melancholy tone to the song, but the ending is an empowering one. Along with the tone of the song, the video also gives a cartoon-y vibe, not straying far from Katy’s public persona. A very-Lewis Carroll feel? Check. Katy Perry punching Prince Charming in the face? Check! A happy ending? You decide…

Watch the “Wide Awake” video below:

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What do you think of the “Wide Awake” video? How do you like it compares to Katy’s previous videos? Sound off!