Taylor Swift Changes It Up With B.o.B In ‘Both Of Us’ Music VIdeo

Yesterday, B.o.B‘s music video for “Both Of Us” featuring Taylor Swift came out and me, being the ‘Swifty‘ I am, had to watch it right away.

And now, today, I can’t stop listening to the song, and have probably listened to it more than 20 times already. It’s so catchy and has been stuck in my head.

This isn’t your average Taylor Swift love song, it’s about adversity and strife. The music video is set in the rough parts of Nashville, Tennessee. It teaches you to appreciate all the blessings God has given you and that life isn’t all about money and fame. I like that B.o.B isn’t rapping about money and weapons, like most rappers rap about. And even though Taylor Swift doesn’t sing much, her parts are chilling.

I absolutely love the song, music video, and the meaning. You go guys!

What are your thoughts on the music video?