Stand Out At Your Next Concert Adventure With These Clothes!

One of my favorite things about going to see live music is dressing up. Yes I’am the girl who wears heels and dresses to a show when most wear artist merch or homemade t-shirts. The biggest question I get ask is what should I wear to see my favorite band. Well fear no more, I’m here to help you. My style how to stand out at your next big concert adventure is here right now!

The Girl Who Loves A Band Tee: I love my concert t-shirts and many people ask what I can pair with them because they wanna support their favorite band. I would suggest pairing them with a jacket (Jean vest, Blazer, leather or jean jacket) and adding some statement boots along with some black or fun colored skinny jean.

The Girl Who Loves Her Dresses: Many girls are afraid to wear dresses to shows and always ask me how I do it. They always tell me how most girls who wear a dress to a show look like they’re going to a club. I really love maxi dresses because they are long and you really don’t have to worry about much. But I think it just comes down to being fun and girly. Prints and laces are always a good way to stay cute and effortless.

Simple Girl: When it comes to being simple, sometimes some of my favorite outfits include a pair of jeans. One of the hot trends right now are the sleeveless shirts. Pair it with a pair of jeans or shorts and your still fashionable but comfy!

The Girl Who Loves To Be Bold: When it comes to really stand out in a crowd at shows it only involves being brave and bold. Try neon tops or bold statement pieces with studs or rhinestones. Mixing and matching cool prints is also a creative way to stand out in a sea of screaming fans.

Hope you guys enjoyed this fun and creative ways to stand out at your next concert other than with the traditional posters and glowsticks.