DIY Trend: Sprinkles, Scrumptious Nails

Ahh, where do I begin? While nail polishes are great for painting the nails, here’s an upgrading trend that’s been here for a while: sprinkles nails! Just like 2d movies are (almost) of the past and 3d is the current, 3d nails will make its way very, very soon.

One of my current favorite nail trends (and yours, most-likely) are those sprinkled-on nails; they look so good that they could be eaten off of, don’t you think? So, ode to colourful sprinkles because even if you don’t know how to bake, looking at these sprinkly wonders will certainly satisfy your (nail) hunger.

Here’s a simple how-to for achieving the sprinkled-nail effect!

1. Put on a base coat of nail polish. Try a light pink or a light colour that matches your nails just in case the sprinkles start falling off afterwards. That way, it’ll look intentional rather than you did a bad job application!

2. Set the sprinkly beads on a plate/bowl and lightly press your nail on them. Try to get small sprinkles so that way you can attach them better to your nail. Do one nail at a time so that way it wouldn’t dry up.

3. Apply a top coat (clear) to final the look. It’ll make the sprinkles more secure on the nail!

So, look through the gallery of some inspirational sprinkles nails, and let me know which one you would try!


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