Social Network Songs – Facebook Playlist

Buzznet is now integrated with your Facebook activity so you can share what you read with your friends. However if you want to keep some of your internet visits secret, don’t worry as you don’t have to share what you don’t want to. So if on Facebook, you ‘like’ heavy metal and arthouse cinema while you buzz blogs about Miley Cyrus and the Hunger Games – we won’t tell anyone unless you do.

So to mark the arrival of Buzznet posts on your Facebook timeline, here’s a social media soundtrack.

‘OMG’ – The Streets

If you’ve ever been heartbroken by a Facebook update from an ex then this song is speaking to you. “Your status had changed, You’ve never worked about this. Couldn’t drag my eye away, The words on the screen”.

‘28000 Friends’ – Eoghan Quigg

Written by James Bourne of BUSTED and sung by X Factor UK runner-up is ‘28000 Friends’ comes a song about becoming so obsessed with numbers of internet contacts that you forget to connect with the real world. If you’re feeling nostalgic, the video premiered on Bebo in 2009 (remember that?).

‘R U F***ing Kidding Me?’ – Kate Miller-Heidke

Australian singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke’s ode to an ex adding her on Facebook became an internet hit in 2009 after a sound check recording of the song gained over 1 million hits on YouTube. In case you didn’t guess from the title, it’s NSFW.

‘The Social Network Song’ – Valentia Monetta

San Marino’s 2012 Eurovision entry was so bad that it didn’t qualify for the final despite Russia’s song ‘Party For Everybody‘ (which was performed by grannies with a rotating oven!?) placing second. “Uh-oh oh”.

Rhett & Link – ‘The Facebook Song’

Facebook has changed a lot in 5 years. There’s timelines, not walls. ‘Like’ instead of ‘Become a Fan of’. The introduction of Farmville and the fading existence of poking. However, one thing that’s stayed the same since ’07 is that Rhett & Link still have the most popular Facebook song on YouTube.

Who wants to write a song about Buzznet?