What you should bring to concerts

So my new found love is helping all you dolls out when it comes to concerts. I have been to about a hundred of shows (inside,outside, festivals, small,big) and something you might not know about me is that my dad is actually in charge of security at our local arena. So you could probably call me an expert when it comes to what to bring. Always check with the venue to see their policies (a lot of the places are different).

1. A Small Bag that has lot of compartments

Most girls make the mistake of bringing their huge hobo bags and shove anything and everything in it. You don’t want to have to lug that bag around all day and although it has lots of storage it really is unnecessary. A Small bag will do the trick and you can still fit a lot of things in it.

2. Small bottle of Perfume or Deodorant

You of course want to smell good when your meeting and fangirling over your favorite musician. And after being in a pit or dancing all day, you def want to freshen up.

3. Hair Brush

I always forget to pack this one and regret it. My hair is all over the place when the show is over and it never fails that i’m using my hands to tame the mess i made. Packing a small comb will make sure you still look your best even after a long day of sweating and dancing to sweet music.

4. Camera

This one is a MUST! You should check with the venue before you choose what camera to bring. A lot of the smaller venues will allow you to bring your DSLR as long as you don’t use Flash. When it comes to bigger shows, stick with the smaller cameras (They wont let you in with a DSLR unless you have a photo pass).

5. Money

Another must! You of course need some money to buy merch and food. I always bring enough money for a shirt and some food. A lot of the times bands will say if you buy a piece of merch you can meet them for free (JUMP ON THAT). You can also ask around and see how much merch is from other concert goers.

6. Sharpie

You never know when you will run into your favorite musician. Always make sure you have a sharpie because a lot of the times, the bands don’t when they are out and about.

7. Some Gum, Energy Bars, Breathe Mints, Candy Bar (Tip From My Dad, Always tell them its a medical condition and you have to have it-even if its not). Only bring in one or two candy/energy bars at the most. But you can always bring in some gum or mints.

8. Water Bottle

Check with the venue on this. Most outdoor shows will allow you to bring in one empty bottle to fill with water. But make sure you are staying hydrated even if its indoor.

9. Sunscreen

Your gong to regret this when your on hour two of waiting in line or preshow. Apply throughout the day 🙂

10. Good pair of closed shoes

Flip Flops are a no go and can often break or go missing in a sea of people. Find a good pair of tennis shoes or even boots (if you’re a fashionista) that are going to stay glued to your feet. Make sure they’re not brand new ( don’t want to break them in now).

Always make sure you note where the First Aid, Bathrooms, Water Fountains, Mist Tents and get to know the security ( My dad always says they are here to help). Last but not least, check the weather. If its a rain or shine kind of concert, you’re going to need to pack a Poncho (Umbrellas aren’t allowed most of the time).

Hope this helps you out this summer!