Rihanna: The Social Media Superhero

With superheroes all the rage at the movie theaters this summer as well as on the small screen like on season 2 of MTV’s Teen Wolf which premiered on June 3rd, folks like The Avengers, Batman, and Spider-Man are all heroes that kids and adults alike look up to. But while those heroes only save lives on-screen, we often forget or are unaware of the real-life superheroes around us. In celebration of the second season of Teen Wolf, we wanted to take a minute and recognize celebs that seem to have superhero powers themselves.

While Rihanna‘s openness of her personal life on her social profiles catch quite a bit of controversy, there’s nothing controversial about the good deeds she’s done! The “Where Have You Been” singer may be known for posting personal photos on Instagram and tweeting details about her personal life – but did you know that she also utilizes them for good causes? Rihanna has used her Twitter account a number of times to help find donors for people who need bone marrow transplants. She’s also a major advocate for saving children’s lives! The charitous pop star founded The Believe Foundation in 2006 to help save the lives of children.

One such cause she has advocated is raising awareness about leukemia, which kills more children in the US than any other disease.

While many celebrities use their Twitter to solely chat with fans and promote their latest projects, Rihanna does all that AND helps save peoples’ lives, one tweet at a time!

What do you love about Rihanna?