✿ Real Life Style Inspiration: PETRA COLLINS of Rookie Mag & The Ardorous ✿

Petra Collins is a Toronto-born photographer and visual artist who currently serves as a casting director for iconic photographer Richard Kern, was selected by close friend Tavi Gevinson to be the staff photographer for her new online magazine, Rookie, and is the founder/curator of her own online art collective, The Ardorous (showcasing the works of young, female artists). Petra’s work has been published in Vice, Complex and Jacques – a luxury erotic publication – and is praised by the art world for her beautiful, photos of teenage girls confronting their sexuality. Petra’s photos have caused a lot of buzz among the public. She has already caught the attention of key players on the art and fashion scenes (including MTV and Urban Outfitters) with her provocative, raw portraits of blossoming teens. Each shot tells a story and appear to be from another world. Petra prefers to make the most of her success through sharing it with other young and up-and-coming photographers.

Not only is Petra a visionary behind the camera, but she also happens to be a knockout and has an impeccable sense of style (reminiscent of the 1970s). I truly can’t put into words how ecstatic I was that I got a chance to ask her some questions about her incredible sense of fashion because she has been such a HUGE INSPIRATION of mine…not to mention, one of the reasons why I do what I do. Like her websites (filled with cute stuff, babes, and summer fun), Petra is truly fascinating. She mostly enjoys thrifting through racks of vintage clothing at stores like Value Village along with other Toronto vintage stores (such as 69 Vintage). I was also eager to discover that she enjoys lurking Tumblr, is obsessed with food and loves rainbows. Petra’s most favorite fashion designer is Meadham Kirchoff and her favorite shoes are a pair of glitter vintage ziggy stardust esq knee high boots.In the future she plans to become a female rights activist, travel the Southern United States, befriend Grimes (she loves her so much), and continue to inspire loads of people (like ME)! I have no doubt in my mind that she will accomplish all of those things…and much, much more!