Question of the Day: What Makes A Stranger Your Friend?

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that we all have friends. Hopefully I am not too far off with that. If you don’t think you have friends, you are lying to yourself because I am your friend, except I live on the internet.

I would let you shake me like Bolin shakes Pabu. You know cuz we’re FRIENDS.

Today, I want to find out how someone that you know in passing becomes someone that you end up telling all your secrets to. How someone you don’t really know suddenly becomes someone that you share your last piece of cake with. Well, maybe not “last slice” serious. Maybe that’s why I don’t have that many friends.

Momo cake, unrelinquished by Appa

When I think about it, my friends became my friends because we all have bikes in common. That’s pretty cool. Having bikes in common just meant that we could all rage out about crappy drivers in Los Angeles. A lot of us like sad music and just music in general. We shared our passions while riding the streets of L.A on two wheels.

My oldest friend and I went to high school together and we are pretty much the coolest people to come out of that high school. We both love Morrissey and we are both vegan and have hella tattoos. I love her face.

Feel free to tell me how your friends became your friends and anything else you want to share. Are you ready? Go!

What makes your friends your friends?