Question of the Day: If Your Life Was A Movie, Which One Would It Be?

Describing yourself in abnormal ways is always a hoot. Rather than saying that I am a feisty brown guy with a penchant for being melancholy and getting myself into trouble because I often blur the lines between reality and what’s in my head, I’d rather say that I am a lot like the Bandit’s Daughter in The Fall:


Instead of saying that I feel a bit empty inside, I would rather say that I feel like the characters from The Street of Crocodiles:

Or, maybe I should say that I my hobbies often fall to the wayside, much like Tiva and her petite Om:

I never actually thought about this until recently. I often wonder why I like some of the things that I do, why certain things resonate within my being. Maybe it’s because the things I like are somehow intertwined with my personality and seeing them on the TV makes me realize that in a subtle way. Who knows.

Now it’s your turn. How would you describe one of your personality traits with a film? Maybe your entire life could be a film. I couldn’t decide. Maybe you can’t either. Give it a shot. It’s fun! Are you ready? GO!

If your life were a movie, which one would it be?