Off To The Races

found this art work online, not sure who did it but it’s brilliant

Spent the past 7 days shooting for magazines, campaigns, look books and editorials. I don’t think I ever shot so much in such a small period of time! My friend/photographer julia flew out from Miami to stay with me for the week. I can’t wait for some of these shoot’s to be released for you guys to see, your going to love them! We spent our nights eating left over catering junk food & take out while doing facials and watching the entire HBO series GIRLS back to back. If you have not seen this show you are missing out big time! It’s my new Sex And The City minus the glamour + my teen life running around NYC.

I have some traveling to do this summer for work, im kinda looking forward to it. I always get suitcase syndrome when I am in the same place for too long. Im back on green smoothies. My favorite one im making every morning is kale, bananas, cinnamon, rice milk, chia seeds & maple syrup so yummy. My books are getting closer and closer to being done and my new Coco De Coeur & Audrey Kitching Los Angeles lines are getting released next week…. save your pennies!

My friend Nat is coming to NYC next week, I can’t wait to catch up with him and run around the city with friends to my favorite tea, dumpling and magazine stands. Sometimes I miss Hollywood but the NYC energy is where I grew up. I feel like my attitude is more California based but my soul feels more at home and safe in NYC. Celebrating the spirit of youth.

things im loving at the moment:

indoor cactus gardens in glass boxs, lolita, child bride book, elvis, almond coconut tea, ornage lipstick, messy hair, 7am wake up calls, starbucks calm chamomile lattes, pink skys, polaroids, photo booths, candles in vintage glasses, unicorns, rose oil, kale smothies, palm tree prints, too many rings and late nights on my balcony

What are you loving at the moment?