Music I Missed: Head Automatica – Decadence (2004)

As New Found Glory‘s ‘Stick And Stones‘ celebrates its 10th birthday, I suddenly realised that although it’s an album I like, it only joined my collection two years ago. I was eight years late to the listening party, just as I am with Head Automatica whose 2004 debut ‘Decadence’ has become my soundtrack……in 2012.

My discovery of Head Automatica occurred during a lazy afternoon YouTube session. As I searched for acoustic sessions from my favourite musicians, I stumbled upon a 2008 cover of ‘Beating Heart Baby‘ by Kids In Glass Houses. In the same way that many insist on reading the book before the movie, I have to hear the original before the cover version. So when the internet pointed me in the direction of Head Automatica, I followed its order although I wasn’t expecting to fall in love. I had seen their moniker around but I couldn’t recall any songs. Why would I suddenly buy into a band whose name I’d ignored so many times? However once the first chorus of ‘Beating Heart Baby‘ kicked in, I knew that I’d been missing out and I knew exactly what I’d been missing out on too – dangerously contagious dance punk. So the next day, I went out and picked up ‘Decadence’ for a fiver in a local record store. Since that moment last week, the album has taken a residency in my stereo. 2004’s ‘Decadence’ has become my favourite album of 2012.

I should have been listening to this eight years ago but, as the cliche goes, “It’s better late than never”. So if you missed out too, take a listen below. You may just find your ‘new’ favourite band.

Head Automatica have released two albums – ‘Decadence’ (2004) and ‘Popaganda’ (2006). Their third album, ‘Swan Damage’ was recorded in 2009 but remains unreleased.

Were you a Head Automatica 2004 fan or are you a newbie?