MTV’s Very Own Lenay Dunn Shares Some BTS Photos From The MTV Movie Awards!!

The world is a VERY small place and I learned that this past Summer when I met a friend of mine Lenay Dunn! She is not only the sweetest girl ever but she is doing some great things with her life! You may have even seen her yourself as she is an MTV host & face of Macy’s ‘American Rag!! If you haven’t heard of her be sure to watch MTV’s 10 On Top to see her lovely face!!

Here is an a fun interview we did so you can get a better feel of just how awesome she is 🙂

BH: When did you first decide you wanted to get into TV/Host work?!

LD: When Red Bull contacted me for the first time and asked me if I wanted to host shows for them. They pulled me out of class & I got to do the coolest stuff! That was when I thought, woah I can do this for a job? cool.

BH: Before working with MTV what did you do? Any other funny/rewarding acting/hosting roles?

LD: I grew up in Minnesota, went to college to be a Spanish teacher & lived in South America for 5 months, until Red Bull saw videos I produced & edited on youtube and asked me to host shows for them. I also lived in LA for a bit, & tried to do my own casting on ‘craiglist’ (bad idea). Ended up moving into a mansion with some other girls on the beach to film a ‘documentary’ show, which turned kinda weird fast & we ended up moving out ha. Of course I made a video about it… here!

It had a happy ending though, I ended up meeting some best friends! (Like Lauren who is in the video:)

BH: What is your overall goal for 2012

LD: I live in TN, fly to NYC 3 days a week to host my show ’10 on Top’ on MTV, & just became the new face of Macy’s American Rag. So my goals would be to work hard, create some awesome ideas, make them happen, and take a vacation once in a while! Ya I need to chill out and not move for a bit… preferably by some palm trees 🙂 I had a week off last month & went to Florida but ended up getting strep throat the whole time boooo. Next time!!

BH: Have you met anyone that you were star struck from (at least on the inside)?

LD: Not that I can think of. I’ve gotten to meet so many really cool & talented people, & everyone’s been so nice!

BH: What is the craziest memory from being on set!

LD: Here’s a funny reoccurring moment.. in between takes when we are shooting ’10 on Top’, Brian (on 10 on Top production crew) puts up pictures of kitties on the teleprompter to make me laugh & we name them. So we have our favorite ones, like sweater kitty (kitty in a sweater) & ledge kitty (kitty on a ledge). Sometimes I request a certain one for the day. Whenever co-hosts are with me on a show, they ALWAYS get introduced to one of the teleprompter kitties.

BH: How would you describe yourself in three words?

LD: loves to create

BH: What are some of your hidden talents/guilty pleasures/secrets?

LD: I played piano for 12 years growing up & I’m really good at it but I hate playing it. I’d rather play & write songs on the guitar even though I only know a few chords. I also have super curly hair but I never wear it curly. Like SUPER curly :). Guilty pleasure is making a batch of sugar cookies at home & then trying to give some of them away before I eat all of them. I can talk with my mouth closed, edit videos, & salsa dance.

BH: What is a “Day In The Life Of Lenay” like?

LD: I’ll break it up into a NYC day vs. a TN day. I spend half the week in each!

-NYC. Wake up 6am, get a car to a shoot. Hair & makeup for 2 hours. Script read. Shoot my show. Go to a studio to do some Voice Overs. Dinner with friends followed by a premiere or event. Try & go to bed at a decent time but usually stay up late on my laptop.

-TN. Sleep in. Wake up & eat Oatmeal & cinnamon. Go to the pool with Jason. Play Monopoly on Wii. Jog. Try & teach @PaisleyKitty how to sit. Go for a ride with the top down into town. Get some tea & walk around Franklin. Play some guitar. Watch a movie or TV.

BH: Who is your celebrity crush?

LD: Simba

BH: Last, but not least, you attended the MTV Movie Awards: Tell us all about it!!!

LD: It was so fun!! Sometimes videos explain better than words in my case so here is a VIDEO from it 🙂

It was such a great night, & there was a PHOTOBOOTH on the carpet which was super fun!

My feet were killing me (cute but deadly heels) but I stayed out with friends at the after party & then the after-after party until about 2am. It was totally worth one of my toes being numb the next day. Hung out with good friends & made some new ones! Funny story, me & Big Cat & Chanel from MTV’s the Fantasy Factory were neighbors in LA before we were on MTV 🙂 Then me & Sway sat near to each other without knowing it on a flight back to NYC.

Small world, luv my MTV family xo