Mila Kunis: The Every Day Superhero

With superheroes all the rage at the movie theaters this summer as well as on the small screen like on season 2 of MTV’s Teen Wolf, premiering June 3, folks like The Avengers, Batman, and Spider-Man are all heroes that kids and adults alike look up to. But while those heroes only save lives on-screen, we often forget or are unaware of the real-life superheroes around us. In celebration of the second season of Teen Wolf, we wanted to take a minute and recognize celebs that seem to have superhero powers themselves.

One of Hollywood’s lovely leading ladies Mila Kunis isn’t just another pretty face: while the Black Swan and Friends with Benefits star makes both guys and girls swoon on-screen, off-screen she’s a modern-day heroine!

Here are 3 of Mila’s most heroic moments:

1. Saving a man’s life while he suffered a seizure. A 50-year-old man who was working at Mila’s house collapsed in her home and started to suffer a violent seizure, biting through his tongue (eek!). Mila asked a friend to call 911, rushed and ran to his side. She turned the man’s head to the side so he wouldn’t choke. She even offered to ride in the ambulance to assure the man’s well-being – what a gal!

2. Coming to co-star Justin Timberlake’s defense at the Friends With Benefits press conference in Moscow. When a reporter was putting pressure on JT about acting, Mila slams the reporter, telling her off in Russian! YOU GO GIRL!

3. Making a promise to attend the Marine Corps Ball with an admirer… and KEEPING it! After Sgt. Scott Moore boldly asked Mila via a YouTube video for her to attend the ball with him, she ended up accepting the invite – and actually kept the date!

What do you like most about Mila Kunis? Which of her heroic moments is your fave?