‘The Lying Game’ star Allie Gonino Needs You To Help The Global Water Crisis!

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There’s no question celebrities like to use their fame to bring awareness to serious issues in the world like a global water crisis and Allie Gonino of “The Lying Game” is one of the stars doing just that! Through Project Thirst, an organization aimed at building fresh water wells in communities desperately in need of clean, safe water, Allie is doing her part and wants you to join in the effort!

Like Allie, you can Take Part in this movement and bring the Thirst Project one step closer to building a well in Swaziland. No you don’t have to give up any of your hard earned cash all you need is a computer and a keyboard! By clicking the “Subscribe” button HERE and subscribing to Takepart TV, an automatic donation will be made to the Thirst Project by Take Part. Please “Take Part” and pass it on.