Get The Look: Yolandi Vi$$er

Yolandi Vi$$er is like that girl in your high school who never gave one single damn about what anyone else thought, and just did and said and wore whatever she wanted, which made you a little scared of her but also made you want to be her friend, because even though she was intimidating she was also super cool and nice to everyone, even the dorks. One half of super awesome South African Zef-rap duo Die Antwoord, Yolandi has been intriguing audiences around the world for a couple of years now with her super blonde hair, mini bangs, white eyebrows, and generally amazing style. I personally was the mousy girl in the corner wishing to be like the Yolandis of the world, but these days I sometimes think about bleaching my eyebrows and buying a Spongebob t-shirt because hey, life is too short.

If you think so too, click through the gallery and get Yolandi’s look. Then carpe diem and all that, but be nice to the dorks while you’re at it.


Style Icon: Yolandi Visser

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