What It’s Like To Be On A Warped Tour Main Stage

Warped Tour was filled with some fun interviews, circle pits and musical adventures. One of the best moments was watching The Used from the main stage at the Irvine date. I have been to more shows I can count, and have even see The Used before — but never from ON THE STAGE!

So here are a few things I learned from the experience.

1. When you are waiting to go up on the stage it helps to know the stage manager. He is like the bouncer of a fancy nightclub and decides who will get to watch from the stage. Be nice to this guy.

2. Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse is a big fan of The Used. He was also in the group waiting to be let on the stage to watch.

3. The Used have a cool cheer they do before they perform and all exchange hugs before the set. So adorable.

4. Bert McCracken uses throat spray during his set to keep his throat lubricated. Guess that is how he manages to scream the entire time.

5. Huge crowds at Warped Tour look insane from the stage. Kids were all over going nuts and that POV was unreal — you could see all the chaos.

6. Any drummer who does not use TWO kick drums is a wimp. Dan Whitesides used two kick drums and it was crazy to watch. He also breaks a lot of sticks because he is an animal.

7.Bert McCracken can get fans to do anything. He orchestrated a massive mosh pit that looked like a scene out of Braveheart!

8. There is nothing more invigorating (in my opinion) than live music. Yes I already knew this but being that close to it and seeing the fans reaction to it all was a whole new level.

To help tell my story, enjoy this iphone video I took from the set. The moral of the story is; being on stage is rad, The Used are incredible live and #musicrules.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Who would you with to watch from on the stage at Warped Tour?