Get To Know: St. Lucia

It is pretty amazing how we come across new bands. It could be in the strangest ways: browsing iTunes, on a TV show or movie, word of mouth, blogs, social media; there really is no one way to discover new music and that’s incredible when you think about it.

Today’s spotlight is on Brooklyn-based band St. Lucia. I discovered St. Lucia on Facebook. There was a tiny ad on the side of the page that said: “Like M83? You’ll love St. Lucia!” so of course I had to click the link. I listened to “We Got It Wrong” and was immediately transported back to 1986. Not that I was even alive in 1986 but I’ve always wanted to experience the 80’s. 😉

With atmospheric electro-pop and shimmery synths, you might find yourself in a time warp as well. Take a listen to their EP!

St. Lucia EP by St. Lucia

Are you feeling like Molly Ringwald yet? 😛

St. Lucia’s EP is available now on iTunes. Their debut album will be released later this year so stay tuned right here for all the details!

For fans of: M83, Friendly Fires, Magic Wands, Tears For Fears.

What do you think of St. Lucia?